First of all I urge you to understand the soul of the 'Play India Play' movement and visualize the India's future in the Kaleidoscope of 'Play India Play'.

Physical Activity is the need of the human body which is being denied to the vast majority of the Indian citizens because of one or another reason. This state of affair is affecting adeversaly the physical, mental and social health of the citizens, their strength and last but not the least the unity of the nation. It may sound strange but it is true.

It is high time that necessary steps should be taken to ensure physical activity i.e. 'Play' to each and every citizen of the nation. Play i.e., physical activities enjoyed very respectable positions in the Indian society, culture and traditions but somehow getting neglected from quite sometime which is not at all desirable.

In order to establish Play-physical activities at the right place I initiated the National Movement 'Play India Play' which needs whole hearted support from all the responsible citizens of India.

My foremost appeal is to become registered member of the 'Play India Play' Movement in order to exhibit the strength .You can register under anyone of three categories available.

As we are at the very budding stage hence your suggestions and ideas are going to help us in laying the strong foundation of the movement. Please never hesitate to extend your thoughts and ideas to us.

Last but not the least the financial help in the form of donations will be of immense helps to us in order to start and sustain the movement specially the practical part of it.

It is my precious dream to see all the Indians "Playing and Enjoying" the life to the fullest and making India a nation to be reckoned.

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Founder President

Dr. M.I. Quraishi