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Missions of Play India Play:

1. To introduce "Right to Play"in the constitution of India as one of the fundamental rights.

2.Endeavour to ensure that each and every citizen of India gets the opportunity to play for wholesome (all round) development. Especially, no Child is denied the opportunity to play.

3.Advocating for legal and policy reform in line with the principles and standards of the Right to Play and other relevant international and regional instruments.

4. Implement article 31 of United Nation Organization (U.N.O.) in India.

5. To provide platform for 'Play' to all across socio-economic, cultural, sex, color and religion segments of India especially for children.

6. To improve the understanding of importance of play to improve the quality of life.

7. Improving the understanding regarding the play (physical activity) & its inherent benefits to human race.

Members of the Month

Name:-Mr. Sandeep Sharma

Business: Social Work

Name:-Vinod jaiswal

Business: Social Work

Name:-Mr. Deepak Bangari

Business: Social Work