National Appeal

National Appeal

I have 40 years standing in the noble profession of Physical Education and Games and Sports in India and have National and International teaching and administrative experience in different capacities.

I am deeply distressed with the continuous downfall of the profession of Physical Education and Games and Sports in India because of the misconceived sports & academic policies, changing social attitude towards games and sports, scarcity of sports infrastructure, cost of equipments, fast changing life style and financial constrains etc. It is a universally accepted truth that Physical Education is the integral part of the Education hence all type of Educational institutions are the places where utmost attention should be given to the Physical education (games and sports) but honest retrospect will reveal that it is not at all true at any level of education and the situation is extremely pathetic and no facilities at all exist for different age and economic categories of citizens of India.

I am very well aware of the importance of games and sports in the building and maintaining quality of human life thus this national cause prompted me to start a National Movement 'Play India Play'. The movement is outcome of my deep reflection on the prevailing condition of Physical Education, Games & Sports in India. It is felt that we have miserably failed to place the games and sports priorities in right order as per the need of the Nation. The main aim of this movement is to strive to get "RIGHT TO PLAY" included as one of the Fundamental Rights in the Constitution of India. There is no doubt that once this right is included in the constitution of India then definitely the status of Physical Education Games & Sports will be elevated to a very dignified height.

Kofi Annan, former Secretary of United Nations stated that "Sport is the universal language. At its best it can bring people together, no matter what their origin, background, religious beliefs or economic status and when young people participate in sports or have access to physical education they can experience exhilaration even as they learn the ideals of teamwork and tolerance."

Physical Activity is the basis of human existence and its growth & development. It is an inherent requisite of human beings. The seizure of physical activity has adverse affects on all the dimensions of human beings like physical, mental and social.

Earlier human race was involved in the physical activities for survival i.e., walked or ran when wanted to move from one place to another, swam when wanted to cross the river, climbed on the tree or threw stone to pluck the fruits to eat and ran behind the animals and threw stones or any other object to kill them to eat and many more survival activities in which human beings were continuously involved thus satisfying the need of the activity of the body.

The modernization or mechanization has drastically reduced the physical activities of the human beings as they are no longer required for the survival and physical inactivity is growing in strides which is reflected in the deteriorating physical, mental and social health of the Indian Citizens which should be matter of great concern for all of us.

An immediate and lasting remedy is required to fulfill the physical activity need of the body and only obvious choice now left for us is to get involved in 'Play' i.e. Games & Sports and other physical activities. If not, then we will become weaker and weaker and there will be irreparable damage.

It is observed that because of the following reasons Indian Citizens are not participating in games and sports and other related physical activities:-

1. Misconceived / Misplaced sports policies of the country/States.

2. Mechanization & Computerization.

3. Urbanization.

4. Life style- Materialistic.

5. Over emphasis on academics.

6. Cut throat Competition in academics and at work place.

7. Distant proximity to play facilities.

8. Cost of Games & Sports equipments.

9. Parental & Teachers attitude towards games and sports.

10. Misconception and Social taboos regarding games and sports.

It is very common to see that majority of the children in India are maturing without playing which amount to an unpardonable crime committed by the Indian society and no excuse in this regard is acceptable. It amounts to the crime against mankind.

We are denying the importance which was given to the games and sports (Physical activities) from time immemorial in the Indian society where equal importance was given to them along with academics and other pursuits. These games and sports were part and parcel of our cultural, religion and education system and all were encouraged to participate in them to build social harmony, self health and for recreation.

Non participation in games and sports will render our citizen weak and consequently make our nation weak. We are very well aware that healthy (fit) citizens are asset to the nation and weaker citizens are liability.

We cannot defy:

"Sharir Madhyam Khalu Dharam Sadhanam"

i.e. the body is the medium of every endeavor . Human beings will not be successful in any endeavour until and unless body is fit and to keep body fit one should involve in games and sports.

To ensure participation of all the citizens of India in games and sports a giant stride towards positive direction is to be taken by adding "Right To Play" as one of the Fundamental Rights in the constitution of India . There is no doubt that once this right is included in the constitution of India then definitely the status of Physical Education and Games & Sports will be elevated to a very dignified level.

The obvious outcomes will be National Integration & Harmony, all round development of the Indian citizens i.e. Physical, Mental, Social & Spiritual development, channelization of energies in the positive direction, creation of lakhs of jobs at various level, construction of playing facilities in the nook and corner of India and availability of games & sports equipments to one & all thus making India a Strong Nation – a Great Nation.


I request your kind self to take appropriate action in this right direction which will ensure the inclusion of "Right To Play" as one of the fundamental rights of the Indian citizens in the Constitution of India.

I very humbly and sincerely appeal to each and every citizen of India to extend all possible support to this movement "Play India Play". So that coming generation pay homage to us for their "Good Health".

Extending your patronage for this noble cause shall be highly appreciable.

Sincerely Yours

Dr. M.I. Quraishi

Founder & President

Play India Play