President Message

President Message

Dr. M.I. Quraishi

In India "Game has happened of Game but not Game." Deep and continuous reflection on this prevailing situation prompted me to initiate this National movement "Play India Play".

It is extremely unfortunate that in spite of cultural and religious importance of play we have miserably failed at present to give appropriate place to "Play" in our social and educational system. Play (physical activity) was part and parcel of our society since time immemorial. Students were taught games & sports and physical activities during their education in Gurukuls. The importance of play is revealed from the very fact that the marriage (Swamvar) conditions of Sitaji & Draupadiji were putting the string on the Pinak bow & piercing the eye of the rotating fish respectively. There were many options available like discussion on shastra, creation of a best poem, solving a problem of math's etc., but selection of Physical prowess & skill as condition reflects very clearly the importance it had then.

I wonder how & why we are not considering Physical activity (Play) important. If the situation of increasing non activity is not tackled honestly then it will be just impossible to eradicate the ill effects. The correction should be made as soon as possible so that damage process is checked/stopped as soon as possible before it is too late.

Physical activity is the need of the body & it should not be denied. If India will not play today than it is going to be a weak nation tomorrow.

"Play India Play" is a "National Moment", a "National Cause" and needs support & patronage of each and every citizen of India so that as soon as possible "Play" becomes the right of each & every citizen of India.

We always talk about the India's unity in diversity & "Play" is going to be a strong binding catalyst to unite India.

The imagination of success of this movement brings in my mind lakhs of job opportunities, mentally-physically & socially fit citizens, play facilities at every nook & corner and a very strong "United Nation through Games & Sports."

Please, come forward open heartedly without any term or condition to SUPPORT this noble movement in your best way.

Without "You" it is not going to be successful movement.

Playing India & Great India

Dr. M.I. Quraishi