Sr. Vice President's Message

Secretary Message

Dr. Awadhesh Kumar Shirotriya

" I am very delighted to convey my warm greetings to you and I warmly welcome you to "Play India Play" Website. I am deeply committed to the cause of fitness and Physical Education and would like to see every person, man and woman, boy and girl, young and old be touched by the light of healthy life style with the help of play/physical activities. Being a dedicated Physical Educationist up liftment of Physical Education, Games and Sports are particularly important to me as I believe these leads to the empowerment of the nation. So I would like to appeal to all the citizens of India please give opportunity and freedom to your children to enjoy play and find time for yourself to play.

The "Play India Play" utmost mission is to introduce 'Right to Play' in the constitution of India as one of the fundamental rights. To this end, it seeks active collaboration, cost sharing and partnership programs with the education sector, sports industry and the corporate world and last but not least from each and every citizen of India.

The Play India Play is opened to all people and positioned to attract researcher, educationist, philanthropist, government agencies and non government agencies and sports marketing agencies from India and abroad . I welcome all positive suggestions for development and success of this noble cause.

Let us all work together to help shape an environment that would propel the "Play India Play" and its community to greater heights.

If you consider Physical Education and Sports an adventure and wish to contribute to nation building, the "Play India Play" is the place for you! Thank you for your interest!

Enjoy our site.

Best regards to one and all

Playing India & Great India.

Dr. A.K.Shirotriya