Sunday, October 21, 2018


Play India Great India..

Sr. Vice President Profile


Mrs.Nasreen Quraishi

Mrs. Nasreen is a science graduate & mother of two daughters & one son.

Mrs. Quraishi preferred to be a home maker & very creditably she executed this noble task. She considered her physically challenged son as the precious gift of God & reared him in an exemplary manner. She is a God fearing religiously inclined lady with fine qualities.

Mrs. Quraishi always imparted the education & home skills to the children of deprived socio-economic class. These children ultimately do very good in their life.

Mrs. Quraishi always encouraged one and all to play & exercises herself & enjoys a healthy life style. She maintains a good health status at late fifties. She has gone for Trekking to Himalaya & Satpura ranges many times and played important role in organizing camps. She often accompanies her physical educationist husband to games & sports.

Mrs. Quraishi immensely enjoys travelling, going close to the nature, visiting historical places, music, films, outdoor cooking and finds time for them.

She is a qualified beautician & good at the art.

Mrs. Quraishi is committed to the cause of "Play India Play" very deeply and wants all the Indians specially the girls women to play and enjoy a wholesome life.

Play India Great India..