Sr. Vice President's Message

Sr. Vice President's Message

Mrs.Nasreen Quraishi

"Play India Play" is a National Movement which needs utmost support from all those who are enlightened and committed for the welfare of the country.

Fortunately, my father was a medical practioner who was very conscious of Health practices & Exercise and molded his family accordingly which enabled me to adjust very well with life style of my husband Dr. M.I. Quraishi, a physical educationist. I experienced the miracles of "Play" throughout the life and reaped the benefits to the fullest.

Naturally, i take "Play India Play" movement with the perspective of a women. In India inspite of all the education & progress women are still in the clutches of traditions, taboos and norms which prevent their easy access to play i.e. exercise thus adversely affecting their life. A woman who her self has not played fails miserably to encourage her children to play and this goes on to make unfit citizens in all respect i.e. physically mentally and socially. It is my experience that play definitely without shreds of doubt helps in studies, hence, children should play.

Once the "Right to Play" is included as one of the Fundamental Rights in the Constitution of India and all the citizens get the opportunity to play then India will be a different country in all respects..

I am sure this movement will be supported by one and all.

Playing India & Great India

Mrs. Nasreen Quraishi