I really appreciate Dr. Quraishi and Mr. Shirotriya efforts towards development of your people through sport. Your contribution to find the importance of sport for every ones right to play. This will bring the attention of the Government to find the importance of the sport, No doubt, Sport is the tool that gives, people happy, healthy and joyful life which leads to better understanding of each other above all create opportunities to respect all. May Allah give you more successes, Amin.

Shahid Ul Haq

M.Sc. in Physical Education and Fitness and Nutrition, President Sports and Fitness Association of Pakistan


I know Dr. M.I.Quraishi for last 22 years and closely observed him during my tenure as Vice chancellor of Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya, Indore (M.P.), India for almost eight years. He is energetic and always found him full of new ideas. Dr. M.I. Quraishi is a man with down to earth approach and full of dedication towards his work and profession of Physical Education & Sports. Few days back he mentioned about the Play India Play movement which he had conceived. We discussed the idea and I realized that the movement is worthy and needs national attention and support immediately. Playing, Exercising or Physical Activity is the important preventive aspect of the medicine which will prevent one from falling sick and help in recovery. I am observing that play is disappearing from our lives because of urbanization & mechanization this creating many health related problems for us. Once the Right to Play becomes our one of the Fundamental Right then whole social environment will change along with the personality of the Indian citizens. We all should join hands with Dr. Quraishi and his team to make the Play India Play a successful movement

Dr. B. Chhaparwal

Emeritus Professor (Pediatrics), MGM, Medical College, Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya, Indore (M.P.), India MD (Paed), DCH,FICP (USA), FACN (USA),FIAP,MAMS,FIAMS

Ethnosport, modern sport and play promote friendship, self-confidence, re-ligare in a deeper sense...Play India Play is helping people to find their own myth...their deeper antropological way...to become simply yourself, desire of ower ancestrals. in a world of mere spectacle, fear and unsecurity. true resistence against a unsensible ratio of our contemporany dark time.

Dr. Fabio Jose Cardias Gomes

Professor, Psychology Universidade Federal do Maranhao,Brazil


I believe that health, status, fame, wealth and fine social qualities can be earned through games and sports. Hence games and sports /physical activities should become part and parcel of our lives to improve the quality of life. But because of one or another reason we are lacking in this direction in India which is a very serious matter and immediately we should initiate remedy measures. Recently Dr. M.I. Quraishi introduced me to the National Movement "Play India Play" initiated by him and which primarily aims at introducing "RIGHT TO PLAY" as one of the Fundamental Rights in the Constitution of India. Definitely, a lofty dream but if realized then we will see the citizens of India connecting with the prime need of the human beings i.e. physical activity through games and sports. This magic touch will transform Indians in all respect and there will be totally different scenario in India. I wish all of us should come forward in a big way and join this National Movement "Play India Play".

Mir Ranjan Negi

Former Indian Hockey Goalkeeper Coach of the Indian Hockey Team (Men and Women)


I congratulate the founders of the organization "Play India Play". As I see your organization, I am sure that with cooperation and raising awareness, you can make radical changes in understanding the value of play for children to the motor, social, emotional and cognitive development. Play is the main learning way for children.

Yaara Bashan Haham

Member, International Play Association M.Sc.(Industrial design)


Sport has the capacity to change the world one Child at a time. Through its action using sport as a tool for development and peace, Play India Play tries to make a difference in the lives of the most vulnerable. We do encourage their work, which is making our world a better place.

Ludovic Hubler

Head of Programmes and Field Operations -Peace and Sport- France